Reado’s Audio Books Concept

Did you ever heard of books that can speak, yes Reado has made it possible through their concept of audio books.

Reado, an emerging brand launches something special & new in the market. i.e; Audio Books.

Currently they are having more than 150 books in their telly out of which near about 150 are published. But their concept is too good & I’m becoming fan of this.

I just got my first book from Reado that is “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” and I listen to this & I came to know how brilliant this audio book idea is.


Since, everyone needs to travel some where & while travelling reading book is not a good option to select so if you have something like audio book in your phone or any other electronic device you can better understand that.

I will highly prefer an app of Reado, since an app will let user interact with there devices more quickly and user will be able to understand their concept in better way. It should have some books free of cost to listen with. But currently they don’t have any app yet.

One more thing that I want to explain here is the price. Price of audio books should be reduced since its only an audio file & user might not spend that much money on a audio file. They can share it on Internet as well.

But at last I will definitely prefer this to all my friends, near & dear ones.  Please find a sample audio book HERE.

So, All the Best Reado & Happy Audio Books reading to all.

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